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Customer Testimonials

Carol B.
17:49 18 Oct 23
I had a serious accident in which I broke my right arm and fractured my left wrist. There was a possibility of surgery, but after the combination of therapies that MacKenzie designed for me, I was able to heal the bones naturally without surgery. Not only are these technologies powerful and cutting edge, but the people here are amazing- so supportive and caring! This is a true healing center, in every sense of the term.
Caroline W.
19:17 11 Feb 23
Some background on my health issues; almost 20 years mold toxicity, CIRS, Lyme disease, 35 years with diverticulitis (severe; needed an operation but chose...
Beth D.
10:13 03 Jan 23
Going to this treatment center has been a game changer for me. The Medsonix sound machine has really improved my circulation, has made me stronger, helped...
Beth D.
20:34 30 Sep 22
I am so happy to have found Natural Pain and Wellness center. I love their service here and the Magnesphere calmed me down so much I fell asleep. I’m pretty hyper so first time for me to have that happen. I also love the vibroaccoustic Therapy where I find it heals my wounds and skin scrapes faster and I feel stronger when I go. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to take care of themselves before it’s too late. McKenzie is kind and works with my schedule so I can come.
Theresa B.
17:00 26 Aug 22
The center is amazing, MacKenzie Kalt is very knowledgeable and provides an outstanding service. I highly recommend this place if you are looking for...
Theresa B
18:33 04 Jul 22
Highly recommend if you are looking for a holistic approach to get healthy. Pricing is reasonable.
12:24 09 Dec 21
Mackenizie and Kaleigh are great! Professional, knowledgeable, and caring. We have been patients since they opened and have used several of their different...
LaSalle B.
22:51 14 Apr 21
I can’t say enough good things about this place and the owner Mackenzie. He is kind, knowledgeable, and has carefully crafted a unique suite of tools to help you manage pain and detox naturally. Has helped tremendously on my journey to rid my self of toxicity.I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking to heal, detox, and reduce pain.
04:12 08 Apr 21
I can't say enough good things about this place. I feel welcome and cared for every time I'm here. The owner is an authentic and caring person who wants nothing more than to help, and all the machinery and technology used here is top notch. Thank you!
Lisa C.
12:00 17 Jan 21
I cannot say enough about this healing treatment center and all its state of the art advanced modalities. I have been in the health and wellness field as an...
Dr. Kayte Susse D.
17:36 07 Dec 20
I am a natural medicine doctor from California and I recently visited this clinic in AZ to try out some of the modalities. I suffer from chronic pain and chronic toxicity, which is something that has improved a lot over the years through working with various techniques and modalities. I have to say the equipment MacKenzie has is the strongest and most effective I have encountered thus far.I used the magnosphere twice on my trip and both times experienced phenomenal results. My body was more calm, less nervous and jumpy and my brain felt clear and energized. Pain was reduced. The first time I fell asleep and the second time I did a meditation and experienced an emotional shift. I cannot wait to do this again!I have also never experienced a sauna as advanced and effective as their ozone sauna. I felt a strong detox, but the effects were smooth and not jarring because we used a lymphatic rife frequency at the same time.MacKenzie is so knowledgable and kind and patient, I recommend this clinic to anyone looking to improve their health, manage pain, optimize athletic performance, reduce inflammation, loose weight etc.Thank you!
k S.
09:35 07 Dec 20
I am a natural medicine doctor from California and I recently visited this clinic in AZ to try out some of the modalities. I suffer from chronic pain and...
Sandra P.
21:37 29 Oct 20
Mackenzie Kalt is a man who does not give up! I personally had too many problems to list. That didn't stop the process from beginning to end with so many different things tried and I would suggest anyone with a problem going to see him. What have you got to lose!
Chris D.
18:54 04 Oct 20
McKenzie you are amazing...I have Epstein-Barr and became so sick I just couldn't get on the other side of this virus... I had a bio scan and it informed me...
Diane D.
18:47 07 Aug 20
Going to Nattural Pain Treatment and Detox in Scottsdale helped me tremendously! After just 4 visits I feel way less pain and my brain is working so much better! And after leaving the clinic the treatments with Hocatt, Wave therapy, aand Mgnesphere continue to work for days after being there. It really feels like a Spa! MacKenzie is so helpful. Can't wait for my next visit. I have been looking for help for over 10 years and I found it!
Theressa H.
00:28 04 Aug 20
We love this place!!! My son has Autism and after just one session in the HOCCAT along with a session in the HALO he is so calm, regulated, focused, and happy! I felt peacefully focused myself after my sessions! McKinsey is very helpful and kind and we cannot wait to have many more sessions here
Jessica V.
22:52 30 Jul 20
This is the BEST natural pain treatment center I have ever been to! The Magneticsphere is a GEM! The owners are the most graceful and caring people you have ever met! I plan to continue my monthly maintenance treatments for life!
John T.
23:37 19 Jul 20
I have used natural pain treatment and detox for about three months for relief of Parkinson’s symptoms. The owner, Mackenzie Kalt, has assembled a unique set of therapeutic technologies, and he has been very generous with his time spent with me. I plan to continue treatment because I think it has helped me.
Mahendra P.
15:51 08 Jul 20
I take my wife Hocatt session for last 4 weeks. She always has low energy. Last week after hocatt session on Saturday. all day Sunday & Monday she kept on singing songs & remained energetic. Nothing else has done like this to her w her cancer chemo in last few months. Excellent!
Anahid D.
13:57 05 Jul 20
I started my health journey in Aug 2015 when I began having pain in my left kidney, then I started having heart palpitations and finally a constant severe...
Elaine L.
04:51 10 May 20
I had edema of ankles & after single session of Magnesphere, that cleared up. Also multiple wounds & infections cleared/ healed by the HoCatt. Arthritis greatly improved. MacKenzie has been conscientious & comprehensive in ensuring all available therapies have been utilized. Many thanks.
Marcie R.
20:47 26 Aug 19
I have had over 25 years of chronic migraines. I have tried Botox injections, steroidal injections, non-steroidal injections, changing my diet and daily neurological medications to no avail. I was referred to Natural Pain . I have been doing PEMF therapy and their magnetic resonance therapy. I finally have many days without any headaches! I am looking forward to a life free from headaches. It has been an amazing experience and would recommend this place to anyone experiencing pain!






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