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Dean Silver MD

Dean Silver MD is a fellowship trained, critical care cardiologist who is board certified by the American Board of internal medicine and the American Academy of anti-aging medicine. He has been a cancer survivor for over 22 years.
After graduating from Temple University school of medicine in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and completing an Internal medicine residency at the Albert Einstein Medical Center, he then completed a cardiology fellowship at the Deborah Heart and lung center and entered private practice. He exclusively practiced cardiology.
In 2000 he became one of the few physicians in the world to become board-certified by the American Board of Internal medicine. The following year he was a board examiner and examined other doctors from around the world. During that same year, Dr. Silver was diagnosed with lymphoma, a cancer of the lymph nodes. Rather than undergo traditional chemotherapy and radiation treatments, he treated his condition with alternative modalities such as frequency detoxification, vitamins, hormones, and dietary changes. He is now cancer-free. In the same year, he suffered a heart attack and reversed his heart disease with an integrative approach. He is the only integrative cardiologist in the country to cure himself of both.
Drawing from his own medical experience and failed experiences with conventional medicine, Dr. Silver offers patients a more personalized approach for the treatment and prevention of cancer and other complex diseases such as cancer.
Dr. Silver is also certified in chelation therapy for heavy metal detoxification as well as in insulin potentiation therapy which is low-dose targeted chemotherapy for cancer. The Silver Cancer Institute https://silvercancerinstitute.com also uses many natural therapies from around the world in addition to low dose chemotherapy. They believe detoxification and restoration of immune function is of the utmost importance to one’s success. They incorporate the best testing and treatments available from around the world.  Dr. Silver is trained in all forms of traditional and integrative medicine and is working closely with Leading Edge Wellness™ as a consultant and resource for our clients. Dr Silver continues to refer his patients to our office as part of their treatment recovery program.






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