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Dr. Roxane Zamora D.C

Roxane Zamora D.C.


My Story

Dr. Zamora is a graduate of Palmer College in Davenport Iowa, the birthplace of chiropractic.Dr. Zamora also holds a Bachelors of social work and a Masters of social work. She was a practicing psychotherapist in the mental health field, and provided therapy for clients with mental health issues, substance abuse concerns, families dynamics and was the Supervisor of a Sexual Assault Counseling Services.


Roxane Zamora felt that the mental health field had become too focused on medication rather than addressing underlying psychological causes, which no longer resonated with her. She explored other ways of helping people and realized that chiropractic care, which her family had always relied on as their primary healthcare provider, could be the answer. She believed that by removing physical disturbances, the body could heal itself.

Roxane returned to Palmer College of Chiropractic and earned her Doctorate in Chiropractic. She gained experience working at one of the largest chiropractic practices with Dr. Charles Majors, a well-known author of the book “Cancer Killer.” She eventually moved to Phoenix, Arizona, where she opened her practice and has served patients in the same location ever since. During her time in Illinois, she was the chiropractor for the Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP) in Chicago during the Crocs tournament.

Her current practice is diverse, catering to many patients, including NFL players, Olympic weightlifters, professional golfers, pregnant women, infants, and children. Her patients range from one-week-old infants to 91-year-olds. Roxane is a member of the International Chiropractic Society, the Arizona Chiropractic Society, and the American Institute of Personal Injury Physicians. She has been recognized by the Who’s Who of Professional Women and the Women’s Small Business Owners Association.


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