Dr. Jane Hendricks NMD - Medical Director

Holistic Pet Therapy

Help Your Pet Feel Its Best!

Just like people, pets also respond surprisingly well to our noninvasive natural therapies. Typically we have seen the best results by using an integrative approach, combining Wave Therapy with PEMF and/or True Rife Therapy. We have seen Wave Therapy greatly reduce painful inflammation and arthritis as well as stop seizures. PEMF continues to be used by a growing number of forward-thinking veterinarians.  Also, we have seen dogs with Valley Fever respond very well to True Rife Therapy.
At this time we are scheduling a very limited number of time slots to see pets after hours or on Saturdays. The cost is $60 for one therapy and $30 per additional therapy. Call for information or to schedule an appointment.



For Your Furry Friends

Here at Leading Edge Wellness™, we know that our pets are our family. We are excited to offer these natural healing modalities to our furry friends in hopes to help relieve pain and minimize the use of pain medication. With 3 different modalities available for use, we encourage you to set up an appointment and see the positive change in your pet for yourself. Our clients have seen success for their pet’s overall well-being by using the PEMF, Acoustic Wave Therapy, and True Rife Therapy, depending on your dog’s health condition. To learn more about each of these modalities, contact our team today.


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