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Heart Quest Scan

Heart Quest Scan

The Heart Quest is a state-of-the art bioscan for determining heart rate variability, (HRV). The scan gives an indicator of heart health and overall wellbeing. The electro- cardio signal monitors the rhythmic patterns of the heart rate. It measures the variation between each heartbeat. A healthy heart has a lot of time changes between beats. This variability measurement is recognized as a good gauge of a healthy nervous system and helps pinpoint potential health concerns before they become more serious. After a Heart Quest scan you will receive a printout and gain insight into your biorhythms , autonomic nervous system , stress levels and biological age and more. This non – invasive technology and software is truly cutting edge. The charts , graphs and data give one an objective snapshot of the many regulatory systems of the body . More and more people are dealing with chronic and complex conditions . Leading Edge Wellness uses multiple modalities to enhance our client’s health . It can be difficult to know how much one has improved. The Heart Quest bio scan helps to measure and confirm progress in our clients.


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Benefits of the HeartQuest Scan

Clinical experience has shown that HeartQuest may be used to review a number of health parameters and that the benefits include assessment of the following:

  • Autonomic nervous system
  • Neuro-hormonal system
  • Psycho-emotional state
  • Biorhythmic activity
  • Brain electrical activity
  • Meridians, chakras in relation to the endocrine system


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