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Inlight LED Therapy

Low-level light therapy that is used to reduce pain and increase circulation

LED Light Therapy is both a preventative and restorative treatment that uses flexible neoprene therapy pads combined with polychromatic LED light combinations of red, blue, and near-infrared (invisible to the human eye), to reduce pain and increase circulation. Increased circulation can help with cell stimulation which leads to a number of healing components including: faster tissue healing, pain relief, improved muscles performance, overall better mental health, inflammation and detoxifying components that are all natural.

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How Does LED Light Therapy Work?

The Inlight modality, a combination of blue light therapy, red light therapy, and infrared light therapy, is a natural pain treatment and wellness therapy that offers pain relief, tissue healing, improved mental health, detoxifying components, and improved muscle performance after injury. The Inlight modality consists of 3 different colored lights that create various wavelengths and our body absorbs these lights to trigger different healing attributes within the mind and body.


LED light therapy is an amazing alternative for people who want to stop taking prescription medication as means to cope with their chronic pain or diagnosis. Studies have shown how LED light therapy has helped veterans with PTSD and/or TBI’s minimize symptoms through increased blood flow and ultimately feel better mentally and physically after just a few sessions. For anyone suffering with chronic pain, who may be dependent on prescription drugs, consider LED light therapy as an alternative, natural pain treatment.



Minimize chronic pain with low level laser therapy (LLLT)

LED light therapy is a form of natural pain treatment that can help minimize symptoms caused by chronic pain. The Inlight Medical modality intensifies the healing mechanisms of natural light. This form of natural therapy uses wavelengths produced by light to help support chemical conversions and stimulate chemical reactions within the body and mind to help reduce pain in the joints, muscles, skin, and bones, while also helping minimize symptoms caused by PTSD and TBI’s.


When LED Light Therapy is used, your overall health improves

LED light therapy helps improve symptoms of chronic pain from injuries or diagnosis. By increasing circulation clients can see improvement in pain relief, tissue healing, muscle performance, decreased inflammation, mental clarity, sleep, and overall mood. As a natural pain therapy, LED light therapy takes the healing mechanisms of natural light and transforms them into an intensified pad mechanism to create faster and more impactful results.

Restore and Stimulate

LED Light Therapy can help stimulate and restore collagen

After an injury we often have scar tissue or damaged tissue. LED light therapy can help stimulate collagen which is used to restore and repair damaged tissue. Also, LED light therapy stimulates the release of ATP, adenosine triphosphate, which is a form of detoxification by allowing the cells to accept nutrients and remove waste from cells faster. Another stimulant that is found through LED light therapy is fibroblastic activity which helps in the restorative and repair process.

One Step Closer to a Healthier Lifestyle

Inlight LED Therapy can help you look and feel younger by improving mental and physical health

Light is a natural and essential nutrient that is needed in our lives. This holistic, natural pain treatment dates back thousands of years, but modern technology has given us the opportunity to create low-level light therapy delivering healing wavelengths in a matter of minutes. Depending on your condition, pain can be noticeably reduced within 1-6 visits, once inflammation has minimized and circulation has increased. LED light therapy is a form of natural pain treatment for those looking to forgo modern medicine in attempt to keep the body pure of toxins. If you have any questions about LED light therapy, please feel free to give us a call!

Conditions Successfully Treated with LED Light Therapy

  • Back, leg, knee, neck, shoulder, and ankle pain
  • Skin Conditions
  • Hair Loss
  • Joint Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Arthritis
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Burns
  • Neuropath
  • PTSD
  • TBI
  • Anti-Aging
  • Tight Muscles
  • Hair rejuvenation
  • Bruises
  • Wounds

FAQs About LED Light Therapy

Q: What is Light Therapy?

A: According to Inlight Medical, “Low-level light therapy (LLLT) stimulates the process called photobiomodulation (PBM). In scientific studies, PBM has been shown to trigger the release of nitric oxide (NO). NO causes local vasodilatation which causes an increase in local circulation bringing increased oxygen and glucose to tissue. The release of NO by the mitochondria unlocks the aerobic metabolism of the mitochondria allowing them to produce Adenosine Tri-Phosphate (ATP). ATP is the major energy currency of the cell.”

Q: What does light-therapy help with?

A: LED light therapy increases circulation which has proven results in carrying more oxygen and glucose to the tissue which can have a long term healing effect and help with pain reduction. Light therapy has been known to help those suffering from chronic pain in the back, leg, knee, neck, shoulder, and ankle, skin Conditions, hair loss, joint pain, Inflammation, arthritis, carpal tunnel, burns, neuropath, PTSD, TBI, anti-aging, tight muscles, and much more.

Q: What is the difference between the various lights?

A: As seen with the image below, each light creates a wavelength that penetrates the tissue at a different level, all with the common goal of reducing pain through increased circulation.

LED Light therapy chart

Q: How long are the LED Light Therapy sessions?

A: LED Light Therapy sessions range from 20-40 minutes. The modality can be moved from one section to the next for another 20-40 minute session. The same treatment area should not exceed a 20-40 minutes session within 24 hours of a previous session.

Q: How many sessions do I need to see results?

A: Every condition is different which means some people will respond quicker than others. Generally people should go through a therapy grouping of 6 – 12 weekly sessions and then go on a maintenance program where they cut back to once a month or once every few months, if needed. A lot of people go through several sessions and once the inflammation recedes that’s all they needed, making the LED light therapy a permanent, natural healing mechanism.

Q: Are there specific InLight Medical Pads for specific parts of the body? 

A: While Inlight has created pads to better fit certain parts of the body all pads can be used on any parts of the body.

Q: How do I know this is safe?

A: The Inlight Medical modality that Leading Edge Wellness™ uses for LED Light Therapy is FDA- Cleared.



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