Dr. Jane Hendricks NMD - Medical Director


A sip of Medsonix Therapy Wave System
Intro Video (Revised Audio)
Manny’s experience after 2nd Magnesphere session following disc surgery
Magnesphere and PEMF
Jodie - Multiple Sclerosis
Connie finds relief from Fibromyalgia
AJ Pollock finds the fast track to recovery from elbow injury
Mary talks about her post-concussion syndrome and how she found relief!
Mr. Petty John talks about Alzheimers treatment
Staff Sergeant Shilo Harris on Bay 9 News
Benjamin, Norman's son finds relief from Autism
Jason finds relief from Diabetes
Stress and Inflammation in your pet
Parkinson's Disease
Parkinson's Disease
Presentation on Cancer by Dr Jerry Jacobson
Kia Kouyate using the magnesphere to help with Lyme disease.
Jenna Migraine Headaches Mode, Mind, Body Customer


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