Dr. Jane Hendricks NMD - Medical Director

Ondamed Therapy

“ONDAMED” means medical frequency waves.  The ONDAMED was invented by a German physicist, Rolfe Binder, in the 1990s. It is based on traditional Chinese medicine of acupuncture and meridians ( energy pathways that run throughout the body). It also incorporates the electro-magnetic research of Dr. Reinhold Voll, Royal Raymond Rife ( Rife Therapy), and the radial artery pulse theory of Dr. Paul Nogier. The ONDAMED is used extensively throughout Europe, Asia, and Australia and is registered in the U.S. with the FDA as a biofeedback medical device.


Through pulsed sound and electromagnetic frequency waves the Ondamed is able to recharge and rebalance blocked meridians in the body. When the natural flow of the meridians is restored, the immune system can eliminate toxins, reduce inflammation, and fight pathogens.


Through biofeedback scanning, signals received from the autonomic nervous system via the pulse, indicate which specific frequencies are needed to restore the electrical potential of weakened cells and tissues and restore health to the body. The practitioner moves a handheld applicator along the body that stimulates a Biofeedback response from weakened areas of the body. This response identifies areas of inflammation, infection, scars, or cellular memory of unresolved shock and trauma.


Ondamed therapy has had great success treating unresolved chronic pain, osteoporosis, Lyme Disease, smoking addiction, mental and emotional issues, sleep disorders, and many other conditions.


“The ONDAMED System often proves successful where no further biochemical means is able to prove effective.”


“These days, I have had the honor to be supported in my work by the people from ONDAMED in Germany by doing a pilot project to use its electromagnetic generators to help people for a better outcome when suffering from Lyme wherein antibiotics have failed. Based on years of experience and research, I have a feeling that this may be the future.”
Bjørn Johan Øverbye, MD. Norway

“ONDAMED is one of the finest German inventions. It allows easy and effective analysis and therapeutic application. My clinic is considered to be one of the leading institutes for treating acute and chronic diseases. ONDAMED has proven to be an indispensable tool.”
Dr. Wolf- Dietr Kessler MD., Kessler Clinic, Germany

“ONDAMED is more than a dream come true. It is better than anything I have imagined in my most optimistic fantasies.”
James Oschman, PhD, author of 12 books on Biophysics and Energy Medicine









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