Dr. Jane Hendricks NMD - Medical Director


Learn About the Benefits of NanoVi

The NanoVi is a bio-identical signaling device that promotes cellular vitality. The NanoVi device helps protect and regenerate essential protein functions. The loss of proper protein function comes from oxidative stress and is the primary cause of aging and chronic diseases. Water plays a key role in enabling proteins to fold into the structures that are required for proper function. NanoVi technology uses the special properties of exclusion zone or Ez water (see Dr Gerald Pollack The Fourth Phase of Water) to influence protein folding, which improves cellular function.


Promote Cellular Vitality

A humidified airstream of water droplets are exposed to a specific bio-identical signal as they pass through excitation units inside the NanoVi device. This EZ-enhanced humidity is then inhaled through the nose using a touch-free delivery system or cannula. The EZ droplets are transferred through the mucus membrane, to all proteins in all cells. NanoVi technology boosts a naturally occurring biological repair process that significantly improves cellular activities.


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