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Magnetic Resonance Therapy

The Magnesphere is a cutting-edge device that utilizes electromagnetic fields to enhance feelings of relaxation by altering the molecules in the body with the use of an external magnetic field that restores cells to their fullest vibrations.

Rid your body of toxins, increase positivity and overall wellness of mental health, reduce chronic pain caused by stress, and most importantly spend 60 minutes in pure relaxation.

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In the words of Dr Jerry Jacobson, chief science officer at Pico- Tesla Magnetic Therapies LLC, discoverer of the Jacobsen Resonance equation and inventor of the Magnesphere.

“Not all magnetic fields are created equal. Certain intensities and frequencies are resonant to living systems, while others produce dissonance (also known as “noise”)….All life on Earth evolved within the geomagnetic field, which is steady and relatively unchanging….As life grew more complex, its natural magnetic profiles became more subtle, to establish bioresonance within the living system… Therefore, certain “windows”, or narrow ranges of intensity and frequency are natural to living systems for maintenance of communication, equilibrium and balance at atomic, molecular and cellular levels. For Earth’s magnetic field, these ranges are about 0.3 gauss to about 0.6 gauss, averaging about 0.5 gauss in North America. Remarkably, these ranges are lower than a millionth of a gauss in humans, the most complex of all species.

David Cohen of MIT was the first to use a superconducting magnetometer (SQUID- Superconducting Quantum Interference Device) to measure the normal magnetic fields emanating from the human brain and heart. He found that these naturally-occurring magnetic fields were in the pico-Tesla range, about 10 million times weaker than the geomagnetic field. At the other end of the strength spectrum, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) magnetic fields are about 10,000 gauss, strong enough to line up nuclei for diagnosis. Human magnetic fields are, naturally, billions of times weaker.”

How Does It Work?

The discoverer of Jacobson Resonance, biophysicist and inventor of the Magnesphere, Dr. Jerry Jacobson, found that living systems are profoundly affected by extremely low-intensity magnetic fields found naturally in the human body. His research is based on Einstein’s prediction that extremely weak magnetic signals (billions of times weaker than an MRI) create waves on microscopic levels. Over 25 years of scientific research from the University of Oklahoma’s Heart Rhythm Institute, the Colorado Neurological Institute, the University of Colorado, and Cornell have documented these findings.

The research found that muscle, bone, and nerve tissue each responded to different magnetic fields. The Magnesphere uses specific magnetic fields that match particular types of tissues to maximize the relaxation response.

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Chronic pain can be debilitating, minimize symptoms when you use the Magnesphere Modality.

With no drugs, surgery, or pain involved, you can minimize your daily pain, stress, and anxieties with regular sessions using the Magnesphere modality. Our bodies are put through constant stress and anxieties in today’s society, leaving little time for relaxation and healing. With MRT, extremely low levels of electromagnetic fields are used to immerse the body into a complete state of relaxation.


MRT can help you find balance with your life to improve overall health.

Depending on the current state of your health, sessions with the Magnesphere can show positive results in as little as one visit. From a new injury, or sudden feelings of anxiety, one 60 minute session can bring relief. We encourage all patients to try 6 consecutive sessions and compare overall improvement of mind, body, and soul as chronic pain and stress are lessened with each natural therapy session.


Take the status of your health into your own hands, prevent further imbalances.

As a form of holistic, naturopathic healing, we believe that you can prevent stress and pain from entering the body with regular sessions using the Magnesphere modality. Allowing your body the time and relaxation it needs to realign your cells and improve your Autonomic Nervous System. If you are looking for natural pain treatment and wellness options that avoid drugs, try MRT today.

Balance Awaits

Magnetic Resonance Therapy

With the diagram shown, you can see the importance of a balanced ANS. When you are in fight or flight mode, your ANS is in a constant state of stress and anxiety, which effects the way your entire body works from your mind to your physical movements. When the Magnesphere is used to enhance relaxation and realign cells, you can notice a stimulation with digestion, salvation, and bile release. For those who have been suffering from chronic stress and an imbalanced ANS these natural functions from the body haven’t occurred the way they should. The Magnesphere has also been known to help with heart rate variability, improving heart health and general well-being of the mind and body.

Benefits to MRT

  • Proven WHOLE body, holistic therapy that offers relief  and addresses issues for chronic pain, inflammation, stiffness, lack of energy, insomnia, and mental health wellness.
  • Results can be seen after just one 60 minute sessions.
  • Allows the body and mind to enter a state of complete relaxation.
  • Enhanced feelings of relaxation have proven to reduce stress, which in return can reduce symptom s and diagnosis associated with high volume and chronic stress.

FAQs About The Magnesphere and MRT

Q: Is there any pain involved?

A: No! Magnetic Resonance Therapy using the Magnesphere modality is pain free. It is a natural pain treatment that is completely drug free, requires no doctor visits, and is proven to help reduce overall pain, stress, and anxiety.

Q: How long are the sessions?

A: We offer 60 minute sessions for the Magnesphere modality.

Q: How many sessions are recommended for best results and full potential?

A: We recommend 6 sessions at minimum to be scheduled out on a consistent basis but each person’s results will vary differently based on their personal mental and physical condition.

Q: Are sessions with the Magensphere covered by medicare or insurance?

A: Unfortunutaley insurance does not cover sessions with the Mapgnesphere because it is an alternative form of medicine/ therapy.

Q: How will I know if MRT is working for me?

A: This form of natural therapy is energy based, and many different energy based therapies are approved by the FDA with clinical studies. As an energy based therapy, the Magnesphere will work differently on each patient and your own personal healing will help you decide how this holistic therapy is working for you individually. Take note of the changes in your Autonomic Nervous System by your overall stress level, pain, inflammation, energy, sleep, and anxiety. If you notice a positive change in any of these things mentioned, the Magnesphere is working.

Q: Should I do MRT in place of taking a drug recommended by my doctor?

A: No! The Magnesphere modality is meant to be a form of natural therapy to be used with whatever your doctor has recommended for your specific condition. It does not promise to completely heal you of your condition, but rather add further relief to the efforts your doctor is making as well. It is important to discuss this therapy with your doctor ahead of time to make them aware of your efforts and ensure that they approve.

Q. Is the technology safe?

A. Yes! The Magnesphere is approved by the FDA and is classified as a Class I medical device.





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